One of the Fifty Rarest Birds of the World

callaeas cinerea

This beautfiul bird is the subject of the latest exciting rediscovery story (March 2006) in the ornithological world. Christchurch ornithological researcher Ron Nilsson believes he may have evidence that the South island subspecies still exists. It was presumed to be extinct as at January 2006. His contention is based on sound recordings made in the Puysegur Point area of Fiordland in January this year, 2006. New Zealand Department of Conservation officials remain unconvinced after listening to the recordings, but would be prepared to help in further research if a major sponsor could be found and if more collateral evidence in the form of droppings or feathers could be found. More news of this in due course on this page.
The future of the other subspecies, the North Island kokako, is well assured. A healthy population exists.

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